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Since we are a small family business and not a real estate fund we are very attentive to every property we buy. We have developed a number of criteria we use while making decisions about each of the properties we look at. The criteria are somewhat loose because a lot depends on the location of the property and its price. If your property does not meet some of the investment criteria mentioned below but still has an excellent location or a great price, you can contact us and we will consider your offer. At the moment we buy just 1-2 new objects a year depending on our annual financial plans. Mostly we buy property that meets the below criteria.

The list of general criteria for commercial property of the discount supermarket type:
 Standard discount store in a long-term lease to Netto, Penny, Lidl, etc
 Rental agreement signed directly with the discount chain not less than for 10-15 years
 The age of a fully constructed property should not exceed 2 years since the moment of completion. Also the property can be newly constructed, under construction or at the project stage.
 Not more than 4 tenants for a property. It is a plus if there is a bakery or a drug store among tenants.
 Annual profit should range from EUR 100000 to EUR 250000

Property location criteria:
 For properties located in Western Germany: city size not less than 30000 people. We prefer satellite cities located close to the major cities in Germany.
 In Eastern Germany we consider mostly such cities as Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Magdeburg, Halle, Rostock, Erfurt.
 The property should be situated close to the residential areas of the city. Important are not only drivers but also those customers who can walk to the store.
 Proximity to bus stops, railway stations, important road junctions is desirable.
 If the property is in a small town it should be located beside the main motorway.

The criteria are subject to change so if you are a developer or an agent and want to offer a property, please contact us for up-to-date details. 

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